Who can register a Metro Prepaid sub meter?

Metro Prepaid registers each sub meter to the landlord of the property where it is installed. You will be joining the thousands of landlords that register prepaid sub meters with us every month.

What information is required to register a Metro Prepaid sub meter?

Registration information includes:

  • Property address
  • Landlord name, and contact number
  • Nominated bank account and date of birth
  • proof of identity
  • copy of a recent utility bill for the metered property


How long does it take to register a Metro Prepaid sub meter?

Registration can be done telephonically with our Help Desk in as little as 10 minutes.

Where can I view the Metro Prepaid Terms of Service?

Metro Prepaid’s Terms of Service are available on the installation form, prepacked with the meter, or call our help desk and ask us to send you a copy.

What is the duration of the contract?

With Metro Prepaid, landlords can terminate their contract with 30 days' notice.

Is the Metro Prepaid tarrif the same as electricity supplier rate?

Base our rates on the municipal rates but on the landlord’s instructions may also add:
A recovery fee for common areas of fixed utility charges

What happens to the sub meter if I sell my property?

As a fixture the sub meter will transfer to the new landlord unless the parties agree otherwise. The new landlord must contact our helpdesk on 020 3210 1144 immediately after transfer to arrange the transfer of the prepaid sub-meter to their name.

Who sets the tariff?

The Landlord should set the tariff at the time of registration. The landlord is responsible for informing Metro Prepaid should there be any change to the tariff.

How should I calculate the tariff for my sub meter?

The tariff must be the same that you pay to your energy provider on your main landlord meter.

You may adjust this to include :

  • a share the electricity used to supply of common areas
  • to incorporate a share of the Daily Standing charge for the property

Why is my tariff not the same as the energy provider tariff?

The tariff should be equal to the landlord energy provider rate, however the tariff may be adjusted at the landlord's request to include:

  • Common area usage e.g. hallway lighting, shared kitchens
  • Fixed or standing charges (payable by the Landlord)

What happens when the tariff increases?

The Landlord should inform Metro Prepaid, so that we can updated it on your profile.

Can I port my current meter to Metro Prepaid?

Metro Prepaid will willingly assist you port any STS prepaid sub meter from your current service provider to Metro Prepaid.

Can I port my Metro Prepaid sub-meter to another service provider?

Yes, terms and conditions apply but Metro Prepaid sub-meters can be ported to an alternative service provider if the landlord requests this.

Why did Metro Prepaid request my energy provider meter number?

Keeping a record of energy provider meter numbers helps to identify the location of the sub meter.

I’ve bought a new Metro Prepaid sub meter. Can I register it to a different service provider?

No, Metro Prepaid sub meters are coded only for use on the Metro Prepaid vending network.

Can you get a registration form for tenants?

Registration forms must be completed by the landlord. The landlord must fill in all of his/ her required information.

However, if you are a tenant and have an agreement in place with your landlord as you will be paying the electricity bill -  kindly provide the contact details of your landlord and we will contact him/ her to request authorisation to register a sub meter for you.

I registered meters with Metro Prepaid two weeks ago and I have not received any recoveries as of yet. When will I receive recoveries from Metro Prepaid?

Metro Prepaid sends recoveries to the property owner once a month. We process your transaction on the first day of the new month to ensure we have captured all of the months recoveries.

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