About Metro Prepaid

Metro Prepaid's electric sub-meters helps landlords recover utility payments from their tenants.

What is the Metro Prepaid story?

Metro Prepaid was formed in 2015, to help landlords collect utility payments from tenants using electric sub-meters. 

The Metro Prepaid team is fanatical about customer service.
Call us on 020 3020 1144 to find out how we can help you collect electricity payments from your tenants. 

Where are Metro Prepaid's offices?

Metro Prepaid’s office, is located in Tims Boat Yard on the river Thames, in West London

Our call centre operates 24x7x365 servicing metering customers in Africa, Asia pac, Europe, South America and the UK.

What does Metro Prepaid do?

Metro Prepaid helps landlords to collect utility payments from tenants.

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How does the Metro Prepaid sub-meter work? 

The cost of electricity flowing through the prepaid meters is recovered through power codes sold, and is repaid to the landlord by Metro Prepaid (monthly via bank payment) 

Does the Metro Prepaid sub-meter replace the main meter?

Metro Prepaid sub-meter does not replace the main meter, they must be connected downstream of the main meter. 

When do I receive my payments?

Payments are made to landlord, during the 1st week of every month. 

Where in the UK are the Metro Prepaid sub-meters available?

Metro Prepaid sub-meters are available from electrical wholesalers across the UK. Call our help desk on 020 3020 1144

Where are the Metro Prepaid sub-meters manufactured?

Metro Prepaid purchase its prepaid meters from Itron, one of the global giants in prepayment meters.

Do Metro Prepaid sub-meters have a warranty?

Yes, a one-year warranty on the electricity meter.      

Are Metro Prepaid meters suitable for rooms in HMOs?

Metro Prepaid sub-meters work well for rooms in HMOs.

Are Metro Prepaid meters suitable for garden rooms?

Metro Prepaid sub-meters work well for garden flats.

Are Metro Prepaid meters suitable for flats?

Yes, but only where a landlord rents to a tenant.

Where can I view Metro Prepaid Terms of Service?

Metro Prepaid’s Terms of Service are available on the installation form, prepacked with the meter, or call our help desk and ask us to send you a copy.

Options to collect Tenant Electricity Usage

Landlords who have commercial properties, blocks of flats or simply rent out a back yard room to meet the growing demand for affordable urban accommodation, need to collect payment for utilities like electricity and electricity from their tenants.

There are a number of options available, for example:

  • Charging a fixed recovery which is not linked to usage 
  • Requesting that your energy provider install an additional separately metered connection 
  • Installing a post-paid readable meter requiring monthly readings, invoicing administration and collection of payments 
  • Installing a prepaid sub-meter from a service provider like Metro Prepaid

Each of these have pros, cons and legal implications, but sub-metering whether prepaid or post paid is generally considered the fairest approach.

Sub-metering has been prevalent in the UK for decades and is lawful provided that tenants are charged at the actual rate paid by the landlord (to his energy provider) and that the relevant regulations are observed.

Regulations include:

  • The Electricity Act of 1989 and amendments
  • and other legislation is enforced by the regulator (EEMA) via OFGEM

No one should charge more for electricity than regulations allow.

Metro Prepaid recommends that Landlords of residential properties charge their tenants only the tariff charged to them by the Energy Provider and allow for the cost of any sub-metering service fees when setting rental amounts.

Landlords of commercial properties that fall outside the scope of the Rental Housing Act have more flexibility under the regulations and may choose to make it a condition of lease that tenants pay sub-metering service fees directly to the service provider.

Landlords who are unsure of their position under the regulations should request independent legal advice.

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