There's great news below for Landlords of HMOs (houses of multiple occupation), Housing Associations, outside rooms and sheds, caravan parks, mobile homes, boat moorings or multi-tenanted commercial buildings or business parks.

If you haven’t yet installed Electric Sub Meters into your properties you may be interested in some of the considerable benefits they bring to both the landlord and the tenant…. 

1. Reward Tenants for Careful Electricity Usage

The “eat all you can” model of bundling electricity costs in with the rental is imperfect, it effectively penalizes those tenants that conserve electricity - whilst others enjoy a free ride. Electric sub meters allow tenants to manage their costs and choose when to top up in increments that suit their budget.

2. Reduce Cost for Landlords and Tenants

Installing electric sub meters typically halves electricity bills as tenants as they are aware of what they use and can control it. No unexpected large bills.

3. Save Time. Less Admin for Landlords

Metro Prepaid meters remove the overhead and time associated with supplying cards and managing petty cash, removing the need to check for knock-off cards, or read check-meters.

4. Easier Monthly Accounting for Landlords

As well as no petty cash to reconcile, Metro Prepaid delivers comprehensive reports which simplify bank reconciliations.

5. Easy Top-Ups for Tenants

Tenants appreciate the opportunity to better manage their usage and the convenience of purchasing electricity online or at any one of almost 30,000 PayPoint outlets (includes Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Coop, Spar, McColls)

6. Improve your Property Valuation

Installing electric sub meters typically halves electricity bills, raising a property's net income and once a capitalization rate has been applied, the property’s valuation.

7. Metro Prepaid Manages your Tenant Queries

Metro Prepaid Help Desk is available 24/7 to assist your tenants, saving you time.

8. Better Technology

Metro Prepaid supply reliable, durable meters with a 3 year warranty. The benefits of prepaid coin, card and credit meters all rolled into one. Life is simpler for tenants with no key or smart card required.

9. Tenants Pay for What They Use

As well as the actual usage, there is the option to set the recovery tariff so that tenants pay the service fee when they top-up. 

10. Meters and Codes are Secure 

The Metro Codes are unique to your meter and very secure. Emergency credit is even available if the tenants forget to top-up.


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