Testimonial from a Landlord of HMOS 

After setting up well over 1000 HMO rooms and many years as a property trainer, I know that the all-in model with free electricity that many HMO owners adopt is flawed. It drives the wrong behaviour, with tenants not switching off appliances using electric heaters whilst leaving the windows wide open or worse taking a long weekend in Greece and leaving the appliances running. Savvy landlords have been sub metering their tenants for years. Coin meters have the disadvantage of requiring emptying and attract theft and damage to the meter. Card meters have the disadvantage of administrating the sale of cards and dealing with knock off cards and all meters have the problem of being bypassed. Metro meters remove the need to supply cards, the tenant can purchase electricity online or at any Pay point and provide monthly account of usage so if a tenant is not paying it can easily be identified. They are also far cheaper to purchase. Whenever I fit card meters to rooms I find the electric use by the household drops by nearly half, a positive contribution to cutting energy costs and helping energy conservation. I am now fitting Metro meters to all my properties.


Jim Haliburton - HMO Daddy


Video Review and Guide to Installation of a Sub Meter from a Landlord 


 "The beauty of it [Metro Prepaid electric sub meter] is that they [Tenants] can buy on any PayPoint, buy online via transfer on Barclays, or they can actually go on the website...

...it has made it more convenient for Landlords to control their bills. More importantly, it’s made the Tenant more aware of what they’re using. 

This could have a positive effect on the commercial evaluation of your property. If an evaluator sees that you’ve put in six or seven of the Metro Prepaid electric sub meters, then you could potentially argue that your property is no longer just a standard dwelling – potentially valuing your property on a commercial valuation.”


- Arsh Ellahi


Can I share with you a tip for HMO landlords on how to more half their electric costs overnight?

Answer: Fit prepay electric meters and when I have done this and my bills have dropped by 49%. Not only are you saving money and the planet but you are recovering most of the cost of the electric of your now 51% electric bill using prepay meters by charging your tenants for it. If you want to save on gas make the heating electric as well and save a lot more. Gone are the days where you had to mess about using coin meters or selling cards to your tenants - a new company on the block called Metro [Prepaid] Meters do that for you. They sell the electric for your prepay meters online or via pay point shops and keep the record of the sales for you.


- Jim Haliburton 

Google Reviews from Customers


“Dan answered my email and call and dealt with my questions promptly, one of the better helplines I've come across."

- Mold Warp


"Working with the team at Metro Prepaid has been an absolute pleasure. Their solution is innovative, the team responsive, and customer service excellent. I couldn't recommend MP enough. Thanks for always being there."

- Nick Wade


"Metro Prepaid Meters! An excellent product, which has made my life 10 times easier! Any questions I had, the team at metro helped. A* customer services, very happy with products!"

- Sanjay Mehmi


"Metro Prepaid meters have solved all my problems. It offers an effortless payment system, easy to install, value for money solution. Try nothing else."

- Moira Byers