Metro Prepaid works to support tenants 24/7.


We subscribe to government regulator Ofgem’s guidance.

Ofgem requires that landlords treat energy consumers fairly when setting tariffs to recover energy costs. Landlords may recover the cost of providing energy but can’t profit by for example selling energy for consistently more than they pay for it.

The costs of generating and distributing energy are high right now and will likely remain high for some time but economic and political circumstances may change and bring costs down.

There are new technologies under development that may in decades to come even make unmetered supply to consumers a reality.


Our help desk is staffed by real people who operate 24/7 to serve you. Call us on 020 3020 1144.

Like any call centre there may be times when the lines are busy, you may find it easier to find support online or call back at a different time (early mornings between 7am and 9am is often a quiet time).

Other contact options are email or WhatsApp 020 3020 1145.


Metro Prepaid does not set energy tariffs or supply energy.


The Ofgem price cap is designed to support households.

Where commercial tariffs are in place which is often the case with multi-let properties, the Ofgem price cap does not apply.

Commercial tariffs can at times be higher than the price cap.


The meter displays energy kWh credit.

If your tariff for example is set at 30p (because the landlord pays British Gas 30p/kWh) then 10kWh is worth £3 before any top-up fees that apply.


Prepay meters have been shown to greatly reduce energy usage and provide an ethical way to help reduce carbon emissions. The greenest energy is energy we do not use.


Concerned your tariff has been incorrectly set and that your landlord is recovering more than she pays to the energy company? Let us know and we will assist in checking for you.


If you think we are not following the Ofgem guidance please let us know by writing to:

The Managing Director

Metro Prepaid

Unit 1, Tims Boat Yard




TW18 3 JY