As winter approaches amid rising energy costs, many of us will need to take steps to save on electricity costs. You may want to consider installing electric sub meters as a way to reduce your energy costs. 

The UK is currently in the middle of an energy crisis, which is a key driver of the cost-of-living crisis now hitting households. Inflation rates are soaring to around 10%.

The energy crisis has been building up over the past year, as increased demand during the post-Covid reopening of economies coincided with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a subsequent squeeze on gas supplies into Europe. Consequently, a steep rise in the wholesale price of gas has driven up the amount that energy providers pay for gas and electricity – and that cost is now being passed on to the consumer – though recent policy interventions have somewhat helped cushion the extent of this impact.

Why has the UK been particularly affected by rising energy costs?

Many countries are affected by the energy crisis, but the UK is particularly exposed to increases in gas prices for a number of reasons.

First, around 85% of households use gas boilers to heat their homes, and around 40% of electricity is generated in gas fired power stations. Second, these are higher proportions than other European countries. Third, houses in the UK are poorly insulated compared to elsewhere on the continent. Recent analysis from the IMF showed that UK households have been the worst hit in Western Europe in terms of the impacts on spending power.

Reducing energy costs with Metro Prepaid Electric Sub Meters in the UK

Electric sub meters give you more control over your electricity consumption. Allowing you to top up your electricity in increments that suit your pocket. If you are a more careful user, this method of electricity consumption may be more rewarding. 

Additionally, electric sub-meters provide you with the ability to keep track of how much electricity you consume and at what price, therefore eliminating the possibility of unexpected high bills.

Other benefits of installing a Metro prepaid electric sub meter include the ease with which to top up your electricity.  You can purchase your electricity online or at any one of almost 30,000 pay points including Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Coop, Spar, and McColls. 

Sub meters are inexpensive and can be installed using existing infrastructure, without running new supply cables to a building. A sub meter can be installed relatively easily if your property has been correctly wired so that each section is on its own circuit.

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