Metro Prepaid has developed an efficient way for UK Landlords to manage electricity usage and collect payments from tenants.

Metro Prepaid electric sub meters are suitable for a range of residential and commercial landlords who need to recover electricity usage from tenants. Some features include being: 

  • tamper-resistant
  • surge resistant
  • reliable
  • EU compliant 
  • and manufactured for many years of useful life

For installation, landlords can use their own appointed electrician to install the electric sub meters. They can install as many electric sub meters per property as the main supply permits, but electricians must comply with IET wiring codes. 

The prepayment sub meters are quick to install and easy to operate. Once installed, tenants can top up their prepayment meters by purchasing Metro Codes vended by Metro Prepaid across thousands of stores in the UK. 

Metro Prepaid accumulates these electricity (Metro Code) payments for any given month and transfers these funds to the registered Landlord in the first week of the following month. The Landlord uses the funds to service the cost of the main supply (from its Energy Provider). 

Registering an electric sub meter is simple. Basic registration can be done in a few minutes by completing the online form on the website, or telephonically with its 24/7 Help Desk (020 3020 1144). 

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