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So you have just installed a Metro Prepaid electric sub meter for your tenants as a landlord or you may be an electrician that installed the sub meter and you're wondering where should the tenants buy electricity?  

Tenants can buy electricity from any PayPoint outlet, they just need their meter card which they can take to for example a Sainsbury's, Co-op or Tesco. Once they hand it to the teller, the barcode will be scanned and they will receive a 20-digit Metro Code to the value of their desired electricity amount e.g a fiver or tenner, that they will key into their sub meter at home.

To find a PayPoint outlet closest to you, visit and enter your postcode so it will pinpoint all the nearest shops for you. 

Another easy and convenient way to buy electricity would be to buy online using your credit or debit card on the Metro Prepaid website, it takes up to 30 minutes to receive your Metro Code.

Remember that you must always have the meter card to get electricity, you may also  take a picture of it and the teller will be able to scan the barcode.

Another side note is that once you as the electrician or landlord install the electric sub meter, please make sure that this sub meter is registered - otherwise the tenant will not be able to top up their electricity. 

For more information on how to register a Metro Prepaid sub meter, click here.


Tenants: How to Key In Your Metro Code

Once a tenant has bought electricity and received a 20-digit Metro Code from any PayPoint outlet or through buying online - they will have to key this into their Metro Prepaid sub meter.

The video below will demonstrate this process: