This blog post is an edited transcript of a video done by Girshwin on Youtube.



Please note:  you need to get a trusted local electrician or a technically competent person for the electric sub meter installation according to regulations.


Step 1: Take off the cover of the electric sub meter by removing the screws first then put it aside.

Step 2: Loosen all the screws on each terminal

Step 3: Connect the first wire which is live (brown cable) and screw it in the terminal of the electric sub meter, ensuring the cable is tight. 

Step 4: Connect the second wire which is neutral (blue cable) and screw it in the terminal of the electric sub meter, ensuring the cable is tight.

 Step 5: Connect another neutral (blue)  cable to the terminal of the sub meter and ensure it is tight by screwing it in properly.

Step 6: The last wire to be connected to the terminal is another  live (brown) cable, also ensuring it is screwed on tightly on the electric sub meter.

sub meter installation metro prepaid


So, from the main distribution board there will be the live and neutral wire from the main breaker. Then to the sub unit, there will also be the live and neutral wire on an additional breaker.

The sub consumer unit will also illustrate this as indicated in the above video, where the breaker connects to plugs, lights and appliances. Should there be any problems it acts as a safety mechanism and the breaker will trip instead of the electrical sub-meter.

Step 7: Once you are done with the wiring and they are secure, put the cover back on over the terminal of the electric sub meter and ensure it is also tightly screwed on.

Step 8: Switch the power on, check the connection and ensure the electric sub meter works.

Step 9: Punch in “12345” into the sub meter and then press “enter” (blue button) - this will activate the temper switch and unlock the Metro Prepaid electric sub meter.

Step 10: Electricity supply is now active and your consumer unit, lights, plugs and appliances will be able to work once you have bought your Metro Code at any PayPoint outlet or online.

And that is how a sub meter installation works; you will also get seals with it to ensure that tenants do not tamper with the sub meter.


Where to buy your Metro Prepaid Electric Sub Meter?

Metro Prepaid electric sub meters are available online or from from a wide variety of electrical wholesalers. Please visit our products page to see our variety of electric sub meters.


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