Peter Hemple asks what challenges HMO landlords face as we enter a winter like no other. 

We might start to see more individually metered rooms which some forward-thinking HMO landlords have been installing for years. However, it will be the communal heating costs that will still need to be picked up by the landlord.


Poorly Insulated Homes Face Much Higher Bills


Families in energy inefficient homes will pay £850 more thus winter in energy bills, according to analysis by the Resolution Foundation, which found that bills in January will be £231 higher on average for people in energy performance certificate (EPC) F homes compared to those living in EPC C properties.

Over the 2022-23 winter period, the difference will add up to £849, an average of £141 per month.

The report said that almost half of annual household gas costs come from usage between January and March, which means this winter will be particularly difficult for tenants that have pre-payment meters as the costs cannot smoothed out over the year.