Buying Metro codes

Customers may select one of the following options to obtain Metro Codes to recharge their meters: (transactions valid in the UK only)

Pay with Cash or Card at PayPoint 

Take your meter card or 19 digit PayPoint barcode to any store with this Paypoint logo



Choose one of these online payment options to get Metro codes to recharge your meter. (Note that you may select any amount between £5 and £5,000 - transactions in £ (GBP) only)

Buy power codes with a debit or credit card (Instant)

Buy power codes with a Bank Authorization

Credit or Debit Card Payment

Instant - No Delay


Buy power codes with PayPal(20-30 min delay)

Bank Payment or
Cash Deposit
(20-30min delay)

  • Make a payment or
  • Visit any Barclays Branch
  • -
  • Account   - 939 212 47
  • Sort code - 20-11-43
  • Use your meter number as your reference
  • -
  • Please let us know when you make your 1st purchase so we can link your email address or mobile number to your meter

Metro Prepaid Support


Metro Prepaid Support