Buying Metro Codes

What is the easiest way to buy a Metro code?

Scan your barcode at any PayPoint outlet (29,000 points countrywide)

Your PayPoint barcode is located on your meter card and on face of the meter.

The Metro Prepaid Help Desk can provide you with a electronic replacement barcode free-of-charge

Where can my tenant buy a Metro code?

Metro Prepaid has over 30,000 Metro code purchase options across the PayPoint network. 

I can’t buy a Metro code, what should I do?

Call our helpdesk or try one of our convenient payment channels.

What is the best way to buy credit?

Speed pay is the best and easiest way for tenants with bank accounts to purchase power codes with internet banking or mobile banking.

My tenant has moved out and I paid him back for the credit on his meter. Can I zero the credit on the meter before the new tenant moves in?

Yes, please contact the Metro Prepaid help desk and ask to zero the credit quoting your meter number.

Why is there a service fee on my Metro code receipt?

Metro Prepaid charges a Service Fee to cover the cost of electricity vending and collection services for the Landlord.

Who pays the Service Fee on my Metro code receipt?

The Landlord usually pays the Service Fee, but might elect that the Tenant pays the fee.

Do you have instructions to help tenants buy Metro codes for their meter?

Yes....please download our meter guide

Whats is the cheapest way to buy a Metro code?

The cheapest way to buy a Metro code is to do a payment or deposit at Barclays Bank - see How to Metro codes section of this website for further details