Buying Metro Codes (Landlord Electricity)

What is the easiest way to buy landlord electricity (Metro Codes) for Metro Prepaid sub meters?

Scan your barcode at any PayPoint outlet (29,000 points countrywide)

Your PayPoint barcode is located on your meter card and on face of the electric sub meter.

The Metro Prepaid Help Desk can provide you with a electronic replacement barcode free-of-charge

Where can my tenant buy a Metro code?

Metro Prepaid has over 30,000 Metro code purchase options across the PayPoint network for tenant and/or landlord electricity.

I can’t buy a Metro code for my electricity, what should I do?

Call our help desk or try another one of our convenient payment channels to recharge your electricity

What is the best way to buy credit?

Speed pay is the best and easiest way for tenants with bank accounts to purchase power codes with internet banking or mobile banking.

My tenant has moved out and I paid him back for the credit on his electric sub meter. Can I zero the credit on the sub meter before a new tenant moves in?

Yes, please contact the Metro Prepaid help desk and ask to zero the credit quoting your electric sub meter number. 

Why is there a service fee on my Metro code receipt?

Metro Prepaid charges a Service Fee to cover the cost of electricity vending and collection services for the Landlord.

Who pays the Service Fee on my Metro code receipt?

The Landlord usually pays the Service Fee, but might elect that the Tenant pays the fee.

This is my first time using Metro Prepaid meter, how do I purchase credit for my meter?

You can take your meter card or your 19 digit meter number to any Paypoint outlet & buy credit for your meter. You are also able to purchase credit online through purchasing options listed.

What is is the cheapest way to buy a Metro code?

The cheapest way to buy a Metro code is to do a payment or deposit at Barclays Bank - see How to buy Metro codes section of this website for further details.

How much credit do I have left on my electric sub meter?

Unless your sub meter is a MET SMART meter with a communication modem we won't be able to see your available credit on our system. If you would like to know how much credit you have on your meter you can always check up on your meter the remaining balance or credit mostly displays on the screen.

Depending on the meter that you have for a single phase MET001, kindly press 007 and press the blue button - it will display the amount remaining on the meter.

For an Itron meter, the amount will always display on the meter in kwh.

Is there a way to display the credit balance on the meter in pounds and pence instead of units or kWh?

Our team have been working on a MET SMART product that will have the ability to do this.

Currently, our meters displays in KWH but if you would like to know or convert the units in pounds contact us with your meter number.

How much is a new top-up (meter) card?

A new top-up or meter card costs 6 pounds including VAT.

I lost my Metro Prepaid top-up (meter) card, how do I get a new one?

You can send an email with your meter number to  and include your postal address.

I have bought credit for my meter and got a receipt/ text/ email but it is not loaded on the meter. How can I get credit loaded onto my meter?

The receipt, text or email you receive after purchasing credit contains a 20 digit metro code. Punch the 20 digit metro code into the meter & press the enter button to load your credit onto the meter.

I would like to purchase credit for my meter at Paypoint outlets but I do not have a meter card. How can I top up my meter?

If you need to buy credit urgently you can contact our team via email ( or Whatsapp (020 3020 1145) & they will provide you with a digital copy of your meter card which you can use to buy credit at PayPoint outlets.

You can also request for a new meter card to be issued to you via email.Your new card can be shipped to your address in five business days. (terms & conditions apply)

I've lost my Metro Code, what do I do?

If you've lost the Metro Code then you need not worry we are able to see all the transactions made for your meter so we can send the Metro Code to you either via sms or email or even give it to you telephonically.

What is a Metro Code and how does it work?

A Metro Code is the 20 digit number that you receive when you buy electricity/water. When you receive the Metro Code you need to enter it onto the meter by entering the numbers and press the enter button.

Can someone steal my Metro Code?

No, a Metro Code cannot be stolen as each meter has its own unique Metro Code when purchasing a Metro Code for the meter meaning that the Metro Code wont go through or get accept by any other meter.

How will I receive my Metro Code?

Metro Codes can be printed at the check-out if you top-up in the grocery store or sent either via sms/ text message or email for online, Pay-By-Phone or Bank Transfer top-ups.

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