A single phase 80A encryption enabled prepayment meter with PayPoint integrated vending of power codes. Any power code amount is applicable and the transaction is immediate via the on-board keypad.

Luckins TSI code: MET001


electric sub-meter single phase



Key Features of the Electric Sub meter: 

  • optical eye for external communication 
  • Emergency Credit (20kWh) 
  • advanced anti-tamper (even if mains power is off) 
  • Metro Lifetime warranty (see website for T&Cs)
  • MID Certified
  • IEC Class 1
  • 80A, 50Hz
  • Emergency credit
  • Silent low credit warning
  • Tamper resistance
  • IP54
  • PayPoint vending of power codes
  • RRP - £49.90


Technical Features:


Wiring Mode: Rated Current (Ib): Max. Current (Imax):
20mA 230V 80% Un ~ 120%Un
Starting Current (0.4% Ib): Rated Voltage (Un): Woking Voltage Range:
 20mA 230V 80% Un ~ 120%Un
Rated Frequency (fn): Accuracy Class: Meter Constant:
50Hz ± 5% Active: IEC Class 1.0 Active: 1000imp/kWh
Voltage Circuit Power Consumption: Current Circuit Power Consumption: Working Temperature:
≤2W 10VA ≤4VA -25ºC~70ºC